The Foundation for Toxicology and Agromedicine



Executive Director: Ernest Hodgson, Ph.D.

Tel. (919)515-5295,

Board of Directors: W. Gregory Cope, Ph.D. (toxicology and agromedicine); Peter Hansen (banking and finance); M. Elizabeth Hodgson, Ph.D. (epidemiology); R. Michael Roe, Ph.D. (molecular biology); Andrew D. Wallace, Ph.D. (toxicology and agromedicine)

The Foundation for Toxicology and Agromedicine, a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the State of North Carolina, has been formed to support research, education and outreach in these two sciences. While the Foundation may support any meritorious project in either of these areas, initial emphasis will be placed on projects in areas inadequately supported by existing support mechanisms, namely educational methods and materials, and outreach.


Greg Cope, Board member, honored with William Neal Reynolds Professorship.
Steroid Hormon
Student research, Robert Mitchell.

Recent book. Board members, Ernest Hodgson and Michael Roe.


The Foundation may accept donations or may engage in any lawful act or activity for which corporations may be organized under the Nonprofit Corporation Act so long as they are in furtherance of the purposes set out above.

Donations, in any amount, to further the work of the foundation are welcome.
Checks, made payable to The Foundation for Toxicology and Agromedicine should be mailed to:

The Foundation for Toxicology and Agromedicine
P. O. Box 17315
Raleigh NC 27619

Please go to NEWS for information on current and planned activities of the foundation.

Toxicology for the greater good in the chemical age.
Agromedicine healthy food and fiber from safe and healthy workers.